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🎉Our article “Unifying machine learning and quantum chemistry with a deep neural network for molecular wavefunctions” is among the Nature Top 50 Chemistry and Materials Sciences Articles ! Congratulations to our Quantum Chemistry Team!

March 17, 2020


Open Positions

PostDoc – https://stellenticket.de/77576/TUB/?lang=en

PhD – https://stellenticket.de/77572/TUB/?lang=en


The Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) has been announced! Please visit the new bifold.berlin !

January 20, 2020


The Berlin Center for Machine Learning (BZML, Berliner Zentrum für Maschinelles Lernen) aims at the systematic and sustainable expansion of interdisciplinary machine learning research, both in proven research constellations as well as in new, highly topical scientific objectives that have not yet been jointly researched.

The efficient utilization of a priori knowledge in learning processes and the investigation of the effects of erroneous or incomplete data are crucial to this mission. In parallel, BZML experts further develop techniques for interpreting and explaining complex learning methods in order to arrive at more robust and, above all, more trustworthy models. Only then can statistical models be used to solve challenging scientific problems. In particular, the requirements and statistical peculiarities from the application areas biomedicine, digital humanities and communication are central to the BZML.




<a  target=_blank href=http://www.ml.tu-berlin.de>Klaus-Robert Müller</a>

Director of the Berlin Center for Machine Learning

<a target=_blank href=http://www.dima.tu-berlin.de>Volker Markl</a>

Volker Markl

TU Berlin

Co-Director of the Berlin Center for Machine Learning

Principal Investigators

<a target=_blank href=http://www.math.uni-potsdam.de/~blanchard/>Gilles Blanchard</a>

Gilles Blanchard

University of Potsdam
<a  target=_blank href=http://www.commit.tu-berlin.de/>Giuseppe Caire </a>

Giuseppe Caire

TU Berlin
<a target=_blank href=http://www.medicalbioinformatics.de/>Tim Conrad</a>

Tim Conrad

FU Berlin, Zuse Institut Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.topoi.org/person/grasshoff-gerd/>Gerd Graßhoff</a>

Gerd Graßhoff

HU Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://icm.charite.de/metas/person/person/address_detail/hennemuth/>Anja Hennemuth</a>

Anja Hennemuth

Charité Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://pathologie-ccm.charite.de/metas/person/person/address_detail/klauschen/>Frederick Klauschen</a>

Frederick Klauschen

Charité Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://icm.charite.de/metas/person/person/address_detail/kuehne-1/>Titus Kühne</a>

Titus Kühne

Charité Berlin
<a target=_blank href=http://www.math.tu-berlin.de/~kutyniok>Gitta Kutyniok</a>

Gitta Kutyniok

TU Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.ml.tu-berlin.de/menue/members/gregoire_montavon/>Grégoire Montavon</a>

Grégoire Montavon

TU Berlin
<a target=_blank href=http://ohlerlab.mdc-berlin.de>Uwe Ohler</a>

Uwe Ohler

Max Delbruck Center
<a target=_blank href=http://www.ki.tu-berlin.de>Manfred Opper</a>

Manfred Opper

TU Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/users/renn>Jürgen Renn</a>

Jürgen Renn

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.hhi.fraunhofer.de/vca/ml>Wojciech Samek</a>

Wojciech Samek

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
<a target=_blank target=_blank href=www.zib.de/schuette>Christof Schütte</a>

Christof Schütte

FU Berlin, Zuse Institut Berlin
<a target=_blank href=http://www.wias-berlin.de/research/rgs/fg6/>Vladimir Spokoiny</a>

Vladimir Spokoiny

Weierstrass Institut Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/en/users/valleriani>Matteo Valleriani</a>

Matteo Valleriani

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
<a target=_blank href=https://www.molgen.mpg.de/3788/Bioinformatik>Martin Vingron</a>

Martin Vingron

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
<a target=_blank href=http://www.ic.tu-berlin.de>Thomas Wiegand</a>

Thomas Wiegand

Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, TU Berlin

Associated Investigators

<a target=_blank href=https://www.mdc-berlin.de/person/dr-roland-schwarz>Roland Schwarz</a>

Roland Schwarz

Max Delbruck Center
<a href=https://www.dhzb.de/de/abteilungen/herz_thorax_und_gefaesschirurgie/forschung/medical_data_science_and_machine_intelligence>Alexander Meyer</a>

Alexander Meyer

Charité Berlin